Prepare a road trip in the south of Iceland

Our glass cottages are located in Hella, 5 minutes from the city center and the main road N #1.
From the cottage you can visit all that the south has to offer.

By Ari

First, you need to plan a little, but not too much.
The thing to do is to check the weather forecast during your breakfast.
Go to and check there is no yellow or orange alert.
Let the weather not be too harsh, wind, hail or snowstorm.
Also have a look at the road conditions at, especially during winter.
If the weather is good, then you are ready for your day trip in pleasant conditions.
Roads close down frequently due to heavy snow and frequent windstorms can make driving tough. So take your time and try to cover short distances each day.

Gas stations

In Iceland diesel costs between 180 and 220Kr. per liter. Gasoline is a little more expensive by a few crowns.
There are stations every 30 / 50km in the south. Refuel often, if you were caught in a snowstorm. It may be necessary to have enough gasoline to keep the car warm 😉 You can also bring blankets to deal with any cold situation.


There are several stores in Iceland, Bonus being the cheapest, Kronan, Hagkaup, Netto…
Bonus is very good and you will find all the traditional brands as well as fruits, vegetables, hygiene and cleaning products.

What to take

Besides warm clothes, remember to fill your water bottle. Take extra sweaters or blankets. Charge your phone and camera.

Apps to have in your phone or websites to bookmark: provides a real time update of road conditions in Iceland. In case a road is blocked, you can always discuss this with locals at the hotel and they will suggest alternate routes. the official website of the Icelandic Meteorological Office provides updated information about weather conditions, accurate forecasts, and other such. This website also has an Aurora forecast page that is handy.

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